Fox River Bass Rods

100% Premium QualityAll Fox River Rods are made from High Modulus 30+ ton graphite for increased strength, excellent sensitivity, and very light weight.

Our spinning and casting models are some of the most sensitive on the market. The craze in today’s market is lighter, lighter, lighter, and more sensitive. At some point you sacrifice breakability for lightweight and sensitivity. We have a blank that is a perfect combination of the two that maintain the durability needed in a modern day rod.

These semi-custom rods feature Pac Bay components that include ultrasensitive and light weight Minima Guides. All cork is "AAA" grade and finished with premium silver metal trim bands. Tip is SiC for added durability and sensitivity. All rods are matte black with glossy wraps and custom silver trim bands.

Fox River Lures and Rods provides one of the best values available today in a rod. With these features and our aggressive pricing we offer the end user a great value compared to other rods on the market.

Casting Rod Class

Casting Rod Class

FR69MC - 6' 9" Medium Casting
Techniques:  Jerkbaits / Small Crankbaits

FR70MC - 7' 0" Medium Casting
Techniques: Dropshot Rigs / Shaking Worms / Small Jigs / Spoons / Spinnerbaits

FR70MHC - 7' 0" Medium Heavy Casting
Techniques: Jigs / Senkos / Spinnerbaits / Texas Rigs

FR73MC - 7' 3' Medium Casting
Techniques: Dropshot Rigs / Worms / Small Jigs / Inline Spinners / Spinnerbaits

FR73MHC - 7' 3" Medium Heavy Casting
Techniques:  Jigs / Senkos / Spinnerbaits / Texas Rigs

FR76MHC - 7' 6" Medium Heavy Casting
Techniques: Carolina Rigs / Flukes / Frogs / Senkos / Topwaters / Jerkbaits

FR76HC - 7' 6" - Heavy Casting
Carolina Rigs / Jigs / Light Flippin' / Small Swimbaits / Spinnerbaits

FR79XHC - 7' 9" Extra Heavy Casting
Techniques: A-Rigs / Swim Baits / Large Jigs

GFR70MC - 7' Medium E-Glass Cranking
Techniques:  Small to Medium Size Crank Baits

Spinning Rod Class

Casting Rod Class

FR69MS - 6' 9" Medium Spinning
Techniques: Jerkbaits and Dock Skipping

FR70MLS - 7' 0" Medium Light Spinning
Techniques: Small Worms / Shaky Heads / Small Tubes / Drop Shot

FR70MS - 7' 0" Medium Spinning
Techniques: Jigs / Senkos / Shaky Heads / Texas Rigs

FR73MLS - 7' 3" Medium Light Spinning
Techniques: Drop Shot / Shaky Heads / Split Shot Rigs / Tubes

Fox River Bass Rods
Fox River Rods Bass Fishing
Fox River Rods Bass Fishing