About Fox River Lures & Rods

Owner Chuck Divito

Fox River Lures and Rods was created by Chuck DiVito, the original creator of Custom X Lures and Rods (Musky). Chuck has a passion for fishing, wooden lures, and good old-fashioned quality. He was successful with Custom X Lures and Rods and hand created all the lures out of cedar and custom airbrushed each one himself.

He felt the next step for Custom X was one to expand the lineup or buy another company. With those two options not being feasible, at the time, he decided to sell the company.

At about the same time Chuck had been prototyping wooden bass and walleye lures and custom rods for the multi species industry. Instead of expanding Custom X and having people be confused to what its true market was he decided to sell Custom X and then start a new company.

This new company, Fox River Lures and Rods, is dedicated to custom, multi species, crank baits, and semi-custom rods. Chuck wants to offer quality custom products at a more affordable price to the end user. Our products are all guide tested and fish proven and we are excited to have you try them out.

Thanks for the support and we look forward to having you on board with our new company.